Simple Tips To Protect Your Brickwork All Year Round

Brickwork as a masonry technique, is difficult to beat in terms of its practicality, strength, and charm. If your home or business premises is made out of bricks, while you made a great choice, there are still some small things you can, and should do to protect it and help maintain its integrity and timeless appeal.

From the very walls of your property, to a pathway, garage, or garden wall constructed by a local masonry contractor in Astoria, NY, providing your brickwork with some basic care will prolong its lifespan and help it stay looking clean, precise and visually appealing, all year round.

Here are some simple ways to do exactly that:

Maintenance tips for Spring

This particular time of year is an excellent one for carrying out brickwork inspections, and for identifying any damage that might have occurred throughout the winter season. Walk around your property looking for any cracks, crumbling or missing mortar, or signs of damage from water. Should you spot anything that gives you cause for concern, it’s best to have it looked at by a local masonry contractor, so that if necessary, the issue can be repaired to prevent further, costlier damage further down the line.

Spring is also a great time of year for cleaning your brickwork to remove mold, grime and mildew, and you can do so using a soft brush and some mild detergent mixed with water. Don’t use a pressure washer as this is likely to damage the brickwork and dislodge mortar.

Maintenance tips for Summer

UV rays can do a lot of damage to brickwork, making protecting it essential.  During the summer, you can apply a masonry sealer (always choose a breathable one, a masonry contractor will be able to recommend one) to your brickwork to stop the sun’s rays from fading it, and to prevent water from damaging it, too.

Summer is also a good time of year for protecting your brickwork from foliage or overhanging branches that may cause damage or staining to it. Simply trim branches and plants back, or hire a gardener to do it for you if you’re unable to.

Maintenance tips for fall

Temperatures will invariably begin to drop during this season, and before the real chill of winter kicks in, is a great time for tackling any repairs to your brickwork that haven’t already been addressed.

Before the onset of winter, make sure your brickwork is debris and vegetation-free, and clean out any downspouts and gutters to make sure water can drain away from the brickwork effectively.

Maintenance tips for winter

Ideally, you should have made sure your drainage systems are in place and functioning properly before the winter season, and that any cracks have been sealed. But if you know that repairs are overdue, or a drainage system needs to be put in place, you should do this as soon as possible to protect the brickwork from frost and freeze/thaw cycle damage that often takes place during the winter months.

If there are any periods of heavy snow or rain during winter, try and keep a close eye on your brickwork to establish whether water might be getting through anymore, and if so, contact masons in Astoria to address the issue. Fail to do so, and you’ll likely see mold starting to grow on the bricks, and the entire structure of the property could be at risk.

To keep your brickwork in excellent condition all year round, follow the quick and simple tips above, and if in doubt, reach out to a local masonry contractor for more guidance.

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