Spiritual Oil Can Help in the Process of Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul-


There are many scientific studies that have revealed that essential oils are one such oil that has a plethora of health benefits. But again, their capacity to affect the potential of people is not just confined to psychological influence. For centuries, people used aromatic essences to develop more meaningful links to something bigger than all human beings and that is likely to put us in a more spiritual state. One of the universal experiences that human beings get is spirituality, which connects us and brings great peace with the moment in which we are presently living, including nature, divine, and self.

Use of Spiritual Oil-

Several people believe that spirituality is linked with religion, while other people feel that it is a concept that is linked with emotions, behaviour, and the search for a superior meaning. For a long time, up till now, aromatic essences, incense, and spiritual oils have been used in spiritual pursuits. Besides that, if we go back in history, we will know that in ancient Egypt, huge quantities of perfumed incense were burned daily in the temple as an offering to please the Gods and Goddesses. Apart from that, the Bible also contains several writings which mention the burning of incense as an internal part of the ceremonies which are sacred. Also, several perfumes and incense were offered to Jesus by the wise men when he was born.

Oils Used Since Ancient Times-

There are many dozens of fragrant botanicals which are referenced in the Bible, many of which are still purified into essential oils that we use at present. Some of the essential oils that we use are of spikenard, sandalwood, saffron, pine, onycha, myrtle, myrrh, juniper, hyssop, galbanum, frankincense, fir, cypress, cistus, cinnamon, cassia, calamus, aloeswood, and so on. Likewise, the ancient Indians, Chinese, Persians, Greeks, and Romans used different kinds of aromatic essences for various purposes, which included religious and spiritual. Besides all of that, there are several methods in which you can use the essential oils or the spiritual oil in your daily spiritual practise.

Use Spiritual Essential Oils-

These days, there are many people who use spiritual essential oils to enhance their spiritual connections, open their minds and keep doors open for inspiration. These people do use the spiritual oil by inhaling it or using it while in meditation or applying the spiritual oil or diluted one over the crown of the head, over the heart, and the base of the skull. Another great way in which you can use the spiritual oil is to remove any negative obstructions in your life, which stop the potential or positive energies. For instance, if you have negativity in your emotions, then it can harm your spirituality.

Healing Properties-

But with the use of spiritual essential oils, you can reduce it, as the oil will release fragments or molecules in the air that react with the endocrine and the nervous system, which affect the brain’s neurotransmitters and hormones. Besides all of that, spiritual oil has also been known to have healing properties, and besides that, it can also heal pain to some extent, by providing relief and ease. If you are meditating or getting involved spiritually, then you should use the spiritual essential oils of various kinds referenced in the link above, and you will get relief.

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